4 Different Closures On Wigs

by vernon
closures on wigs

If you love wigs, then chances are you have come across different wigs with different closures. Many times these closures seem so simple, while at other times, they can get confusing. Knowing which wig closure you are dealing with comes in handy, especially when buying the wig. You might want to get a 4×4 lace wig, and it helps to know how that works. To give you a better picture, here are the different closures on wigs.

What are closures on wigs?

In simple terms, closures on wigs are placed to ensure that the final look is seamless. Many people want their wigs to be as natural-looking as possible, and the wigs help one achieve that. Closures are mainly measured by size and these sizes are 4*4, 6*6, 360 frontal, and ear to ear. No matter the size, all the closures have their pros and cons. Here are the different closures you should expect on your wigs.

1.      Lace closures on wigs

You get an off-circle shape when wearing the lace closure to give your hairline a more natural look. It is the common type of closure you get when you are wearing a wig. With this closure, you have the choice of whether you want your real hair left out or completely covered when using the wig. With this lace closure, you also get three different partitions:

  • One part. Also known as the middle part, and has one partition in the middle of the head. It might look natural, but it is the only styling option you will get, which is monotonous after a while.
  • Three-part. It has three different parts, and you get to choose how you want your part to appear on the wig. It is more flexible when it comes to styling.
  • Free part. It offers the most flexibility when it comes to styling since it can be parted from anywhere.

2.      Lace frontal

With frontal lace closures, you get an ear-to-ear lace that has been attached to the wig. With this type of closure, you have more freedom when laying down your baby hair. Most people prefer this closure because it offers one of the most natural looks.

3.      Silk base closure

With the silk base closure, you also have more versatility on the parting and styling. It mostly comes in a 4*4 size, and they look very natural. Even though they do not lay flat, you will have a great look that the other closures cannot rival when styled up well. It takes time to figure out how to style it, but you will have a great look going for you after that.

4.      360 lace frontal

The 360 lace frontal comes with an all-around lace attached to it.  If you love having your hair in a high ponytail, then you know just how annoying it can get for you to style it up. The 360 frontal lets you do this with ease. You can even slick your baby hair without an issue, and everything about the look comes together so beautifully.

Last thoughts

Getting the right wig will mostly depend on the closure you get. Take your time and go through the different closures and their styling options. It will help you come up with a styling option that works for you.

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