How to Incorporate Touch Screen Video Brochures for Inviting People to Your Event

How to Incorporate Touch Screen Video Brochures for Inviting People to Your Event

Nowadays, the digital world is changing the way people invite to events and traditional paper invitations are being replaced by new and innovative methods. One such technique that has been in use for a long time and has become popular is the touch screen video brochures. These one-of-a-kind and lively invitations not only make a strong impression but also send the message of your event. Here's how you can incorporate a Touch screen 10.0 inch video brochure in inviting people to your event:

Making Content Game More Engaging:

The video material that a 10-inch touchscreen video brochure contains is its primary component. Create a video that highlights the key information about your event, such as the date, time, location, and topic. Include the visual effects and music components to grab the audience's interest and draw them in.

Adding a Personal Touch for the Recipient:

Personalization is the key to your invitation being unique and distinctive. Make the video content personalized to the recipient by using his or her name and the message should be related to the interests of the recipient. The personal touch will make the recipient feel unique and hence, more likely to attend your event.

Interactive Features:

Utilize the 10-inch touch screen of the video brochure to include the interactive features. Incorporate buttons that enable the recipient to RSVP right from the brochure or links to your event website for more information. This feature of the letter makes it easier for the recipient to reply and raises the level of interaction with your invitation.

Ease of Distribution:

Video brochures using 10-inch touch screens are easy to distribute. You can mail them electronically via email or social media, or give them to people in person at networking events or trade shows. The simplicity of digital distribution makes it possible to get to a bigger audience and thus the attendance at your event will be increased.


Although touch screen video brochures might appear as a luxury, they are the most economical way of invitation when compared to the usual paper invitations. The facility to send them electronically cuts down the printing and postage expenses, thus, they are a cheap way of inviting people to your event. Moreover, whenever you send such an invitation to any of your guests or relatives for any special event, they will never miss the event. The reason behind this is simple, your efforts will matter to them once you have sent them such a beautiful and well-customized invitation.

Environmental Impact:

Video brochures on touchscreen devices are also eco-friendly. Thus, the decline of paper invitations will lessen the carbon footprint of your event and show your dedication to sustainability. Additionally, these components are more durable than simple papers and therefore they can last longer, and they don’t need to be disposed of daily or weekly.


To sum up, the use of touchscreen video brochures to invite people to your event is a unique and good way to make a lasting impression. Through the production of attractive video material, the personalization of the invitation, and the use of interactive features you can boost the attendance and participation of the event while at the same time showing your commitment to innovation and sustainability.