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Being smart is not enough in a world filled with fashion trends and people trying to attract the spotlight. You need to be more creative and make bold statements with your fashion. This is only possible if you can match your outfit with a cool smartwatch.

Unfortunately, some of these watches can be very expensive if you have a tight budget, depending on where you buy them. But with the holiday and celebrations mood around the corner, Huawei gives back to their customers. The brand designed a watch 3 cena that features more than the sports tracking and health monitoring features you know of. Read ahead for more about this watch.

2021’s Best Huawei Smartwatches & Specifications

Huawei has had its fame growing for producing the best sports and health tracking watches for some time. With the brand’s innovative nature, Huawei came up with different smartwatches whose specifications have been used as samples for other watch brands. However, it is unfortunate that people hardly go for luxurious vintage watches such as the Rolex, Piguet, and Omega. But here is one of the best trending watches.

HUAWEI Watch 3

With elegant looks and a stylish design, watch 3 Cena delivers a colorful rounded 1.43-inch screen with an AMOLED display. This is the meaning of beauty on your wrists, and for once, it may look like its camouflaging colors, a move that blends perfectly with any outfit you have on.

It has a fast response to its touch-sensitive screen with a rotating crown on the side for navigating and ease of access to its display features. Are you afraid of looking monotonous for wearing one cool watch? This watch favors you with its different animated faces. All you need to do is liven it up and get over 1000 designs to choose from.

So the good thing is you can also customize your own display faces for the watch. So assuming you intend to wear a black suit to the office on the next day, you can design a yellow face with different aspects of black and red to match the black suit. A little creativity is all you need; you don’t have to be a designer to accomplish this.

Other smart features embedded in the watch are:

eSim Technology

This feature lets the users make and receive calls from their wrists, although the watch has no sim card. So the calls and text messages rely on an internet connection to be conveyed even when you are not close to your android phone.

Huawei’s Celia

This is Huawei’s voice assistant that you can voice command to control your device. You can also use it to record crucial information, as many secret journalists do in dangerous locations.

Wrist Controls

Now, this is huge; when you note a call coming through the watch, and you happen to be busy or not ready to pick the call at the moment, you can always side turn your wrist to mute the call. When you want to pick a call, you will clench and release your fist.

App Gallery

The watch lets you download apps straight into its gallery from Huawei AppGallery. So you can have all apps for music, fitness, travel, and other day-to-day tools that you may need.

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