Human Hair Wig Restoration in Simple Steps

by vernon
Human Hair Wig Restoration in Simple Steps

When it comes to reviving human hair wigs, the key is to provide moisture. A conditioning treatment should be used as the initial stage in the Human Hair Wig Restoration process. Natural oil, such as Moroccan or coconut oil, may be used on your wig to keep it looking its best. The Moroccan Oil spray by Gisela Mayer will do a great job of restoring moisture and making your wig smell fantastic. You’ll need a shower cap to keep your wig moisturized for roughly 30 minutes.

Shampoo Your Wig

The next step in restoring a wig is to wash it and remove all of the pre-wash oil. Rinse well. To avoid tangling, keep the water flowing in the same direction as the hair while washing it. Then, use a human hair wig shampoo to thoroughly clean your wig, such as Jon Renau’s Argon Smooth Luxury Shampoo.

Moisturize Your Wig

Applying a moisturizing conditioner, such as the Argon Smooth Luxury Conditioner from Jon Renaud is necessary after washing down your moisturizing shampoo. Make sure to apply conditioner to the whole length of your wig, from the front to the ends. Applying more conditioner to the neck and tips of your human hair wig when moisturizing with conditioner can help restore the wig’s natural shine. Dryness and loss of bounce in a real hair wig might be most visible in these places. When it comes to revitalizing human hair wigs, you should focus on the nape and tips. Allow the moisturizing conditioner to work its magic for three to five minutes before thoroughly washing it off. Remove any tangles that may have formed during this stage with caution. A comb or finger can be used to remove the knots from your wig.

Deep Condition Your Wig

Next in our instruction on how to repair a natural hair wig is using a thorough conditioner. Ensure that your conditioner of choice covers the whole wig, and remember to apply additional product to the ends. There are several deep conditioners that we recommend, including those by Ellen Wile and Gisela Mayer.

Dry Your Wig

It is one of the best Hair Wig Restoration processes. After you’ve washed and rinsed your human hair wig, you’ll need to dry it. To avoid breaking your wig and producing tangles when drying it, you must be careful. Before placing your wig on a dry towel, gently massage your wig to remove any excess water. Finally, use the other half of your towel to push out any remaining water from the wig. A wig stand is the safest way to dry a wig since it allows it to air dry. As for styling your restored human hair, you may blow-dry it with moderate heat and a comb to achieve the desired look.


Apply a heat-protectant spray first, and you’ll be OK! As a result of this article, you’ll know how to restore your hairpiece to its former glory in simple steps.

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