Methods of Increasing Your Laptop's Battery Life

Methods of Increasing Your Laptop's Battery Life

In this digital era, laptops are a necessity for accomplishing various tasks in different areas. Most have sealed batteries which is essential for battery health; however, some come with the removable type. A high-quality battery ensures the proper functioning of a laptop and promotes portability. Check out batterie PC portable for any affordable, good quality battery. In this write-up, we discuss the ways of extending your laptop battery life.

How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

Very few people know how to care for and maintain their laptop battery which determines its longevity. A laptop battery has a limited number of cycles, around 500, which decrease with time, either sooner or slowly.

a. Activate Battery Saver

Having your laptop in this mode causes automatic changes that prolong the battery life. Such include the setting adjustment resulting in a low power state. Less power is used; hence the completion of a single charge cycle takes much longer than before. You can have this setting throughout or have it automatically turn on when the battery percentage is 20. The screen brightness is reduced, some features cannot be synced, and many other changes. Since all these changes are meant to reduce battery power drainage, you have more time to finish up your work or locate a power outlet before the laptop goes off.

b. Unplug Unnecessary Devices

When using laptops, we tend to plug in devices like hard drives and flash disks that use power even when not in use. Turn off any hardware connected to the laptop as well as the WIFI, Bluetooth, and processors. Turned on ports still consume power and must be turned off. When done working with one thing, always unplug or switch off as they slowly drain the battery and reduce its life span.

c. Store the Laptop in a Cool Place

A battery has chemical compositions within it that can cause damage if mishandled. Exposing it to heat or direct sunlight for a long time causes the increase of electrochemical processes inside it. As a result, too much heat builds up that cannot be channeled to any hardware. It can be permanently damaged or becomes worn out, forcing you to buy a new one. Freezing temperatures are also not suitable for the battery. Cool temperatures are best for storage. You can pop out the battery for some time if it's removable to allow cooling. For non-removable or sealed batteries, shut down the laptop and let it cool down.

d. Have Enough Storage

The Random Acess Memory (RAM) is vital for storage to ease up the computer system. You can store all your information there instead of the hard drive. Also, having a central storage place makes information retrieval easy as the machine doesn't have to run many processes, which drains the battery.

Bottom Line

The tips above will help you have a long-lasting battery, preventing frequent buys. However, if you are at this point already, getting a new one is essential, then apply the given ways to avoid damages—good battery health results in a prolonged lifespan.