The Ultimate FAQ Guide on Hot Tubs

The Ultimate FAQ Guide on Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are extremely popular around the world today. The reason for this is obvious. It’s a wonderful way to relax from the stress of the day. It also makes your house more appealing to people. Really, hot tubs are often too good and amazing. For people who are looking to buy their first hot tub, things can be really challenging.

That’s totally understandable. To help you navigate this tough period, this article has put together some of the most popular questions people have about a luxury hot tub.

So, if you really want to find out more about hot tubs, this is the right article to read.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Tubs

There are so many of them so, this article will consider what I consider as the basics.

· Do I have To Shower Before and After Using the Hot Tub?

The answer is a resounding yes. Taking a shower before using a hot tub is necessary to remove dead cells from the body. It also removes sweat doing this ensures that your hot tub water remains free from germs. It is also important that you shower afterward to get rid of the chemicals used in the hot tub.

· How Do I Clean my New Hot Tub?

Cleaning a new hot tub is a bit easier. The first step is to disconnect it totally from the power sources. This means removing the plug and ensure the power is totally off.

Second, use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge to wipe down the tub and ensure that all surfaces are clean.

Third, install the hot tub filters.

· How do I Clean my Old Hot Tub?

This is like cleaning a new hot tub, but it involves more work.

First, as usual, ensure your hot tub is not connected to any power source.

Second, in addition to sanitizers, drain and clean your tub. Yeah, this is where the real work begins. Doing this is important because often, the water remains in your hot tub for a long time, for weeks and months. And each time you use it, especially without having a shower, you deposit sweat, body lotion and body cream, hair oil, cosmetic products, and dead skin cells.

In no time, this will form a bacteria compound that can cause swelling on the skin, swimmer’s ear, and in extreme cases, lung infection and pneumonia. The worst part is prolonged use of a hot tub without draining it and cleaning it creates biofilm which can be immune to chlorine.

Third, clean the filter by submerging and leaving it in 20 liters of water mixed with a cleaning solution for 24 hours. Please note that where the filter is extremely filthy, it is best to replace it rather than clean it.


Having a hot tub is cool but it comes with some work. If you can afford it, there I always the option of outsourcing. Always remember that an unclean hot tub has a lot of health risks and comes with ugly surprises.