What Are The Advantages of A 60% Keyboard

What Are The Advantages of A 60% Keyboard

A 60 percent keyboard is increasingly becoming one of the most common options of Keyboard for gaming, typing, and other purposes. All of the keys in this keyboard have their respective switches, and they are mechanically controlled. That means the keys are more responsive than you can think, and at least they are more accurate. This makes a lot of gamers love to use these keyboards to play their games because they are confident that before you press any of the keys on a 60% keyboard with a tough press, they already take on their functions.

As the name implies, a 60 percent keyboard is one that has only 60% of the standard keyboard keys. With 40% off, one would assume that the 60% keyboards put you at a disadvantage. However, there are more than enough benefits of the 60 percent keyboard. In this guide, we will discuss some of the benefits of choosing a 60% Keyboard in your home and office. Some of which include;

It reduces wrist pain

For you to do any job that requires you to keep pressing a keyboard, comfort and convenience are a top priority. With a 100% Keyboard, you will need your hands flying left, right, center, up, and down. If you do this consistently, you will agree that it is not an easy task to continue to take on. Also, the 100% keyboard gives you no option but to find a lot of space to work with. That means you will need your hands typing as fast as possible. This will only cause your wrists and arm to ache with severe pain. With a 60 percent keyboard, you choose a portable option that you can move and make convenient for your hands, thereby reducing the chances of any form of pain.

It saves space

You never know how vital space management is in your workspace until you have very little space. Now, let us assume you are away from your workspace and you need to make a few corrections to some work. If you do not have so much space, a 60 percent keyboard will work just right. If in a scenario where you need to sketch, draw or draft the work before you actualize the design, then the 60 percent keyboard allows you ample space to place your draft and work.

It has a portable size

Although there are now many different types of 60 percent keyboards leading into different sizes. But typically, the usual size of a 60 percent keyboard is between eleven and twelve inches in its length rather than four and five inches in its breadth. If you compare that to the 100 percent keyboard, you will understand that it is too small. With a 60 percent keyboard, you have a typing piece that you can easily put in your bags and carry around everything you wish.


A 60 percent keyboard may have some limits as to size and some functions, but the benefits of the 60 percent keyboard outweigh its disadvantages. You can check this article for some of the benefits of the 60% keyboard.