What are the distinguishing features of rattan chairs?

What are the distinguishing features of rattan chairs?

Rattan is a type of solid wood counted among the strongest woods in the world. Due to its sturdiness, it is used for making multiple products. Factories have a high demand for rattan to make fine-quality goods for their customers. Besides other products, rattan is famous for being used in manufacturing cane furniture. A rattan dining chair is a standard product in this regard. When rattan wood is transformed into chairs, it bestows chairs with exceptional qualities and features. Rattan is further divided into wild and artificial rattan, which adds versatility to the products.


The following are some distinguishing features of rattan chairs;

  • These dining chairs have variability in form and structure.
  • They are robust and can bear extra weight up to a particular limit.
  • They are durable because of their strong solid wooden framework.
  • These chairs are not affected by rain, moisture or insects. Being weather-resistant, you can use them outdoors conveniently.
  • They are available in different designs and sizes.
  • These rattan dining chairs are available in different colours. If their colour fades away, you can paint or polish them again.

Uses of rattan chairs:

Primarily rattan dining chairs are used in dining and living rooms; however, other rattan chairs are also available in the market. Following are some uses of rattan chairs;

  • They are comfortable and robust resting chairs.
  • They enhance the charm of your place with their unique and classical designs.
  • Since they are weather-resistant, you can place them in your gardens or lawns.
  • They are light in weight, hence easily portable.
  • You can use these chairs for various gatherings, in coffee shops, offices and restaurants.

Are rattan chairs environmentally friendly?

Rattan is a non-toxic wood material and is entirely environmentally friendly. Its distinguishing feature is that it can be grown into a mature plant and harvested within two years. Its growth is fast compared to other trees or plants, which take 20-30 years to reach maturity. So, it is one of the reasons that rattan is widely used in the manufacturing of furniture. Rattan chairs are helpful to you and harmless to your environment and lawn.

Are rattan dining chairs expensive?

Rattan chairs have many exceptional qualities which customers usually desire. This has increased the demand and prices in the furniture market. The prices of dining chairs vary with the type of rattan wood used in the framework. However, rattan dining chairs are a bit more expensive than other material chairs.

How to find the best dining chair?

You need to search for the best material and designs for dining chairs. Then you can choose a company which manufactures your desired products. You can check multiple websites to check the quality and styles of different chairs. This may help you in a better selection of your dining set. To buy premium-quality chairs for your house, you should choose rattan dining chairs.


Various companies offer customized products, so now you can get the type of furniture you dream of. Companies also provide discounts and guarantee their products. You can now easily purchase furniture online without compromising on quality.