What you need to know about Remy hair extensions

by vernon

What does Remy mean by hair?

Remy in hair means the hair has been treated or dyed. However, it is purely human hair and can be used to make human hair wigs. Remy hair is considered among the finest qualities of human hair since its cuticles usually remain untouched. This characteristic makes it different from other non-Remy hairs.

Remy hair usually costs higher than other types of hair but is cheaper than virgin hairs. Nonetheless, it has a natural, smooth, shiny, and healthy appearance. Despite multiple washes, Remy hair still maintains its original appearance.

Is virgin hair better than Remy hair?

Virgin hair is better than Remy because virgin hair is free from chemicals and is purely human hair. If you are looking for pure human hair with no chemical traces, virgin hair would be an excellent option for you. You may use virgin hairs for a variety of options.

Some of the uses that you can subject to virgin hair include human hair wigs, extensions, and hair styling reasons. Therefore, virgin hairs may be considered versatile and long-lasting. If you plan to dye virgin hair, the process would be quick since the hair has not been exposed to any chemical.

How long can Remy hair last?

Remy hair extensions may last between six to nine months. The amount of time that a hair extension lasts depends on the care you are subject to. If you do good care, your Remy hair extension will stay for long. On the other hand, failure to care for the extension will lead to quicker wear and tear.

Caring for the Remy extensions entails washing them correctly and using good quality oils to keep them moisturized. Many wig wearers make mistakes while washing their Remy hair extensions. Using the correct process is essential to prolong the life of the hair extension.

The ideal washing process will entail:

  • Combing the hair before washing to get rid of any knots
  • Wetting the hair in cold water
  • Use a conditioner before the washing process to keep the extension moisturized
  • Apply shampoo sparingly on the conditioned extension and wash it gently
  • Rinse the extension thoroughly in cold water until clean water runs through it
  • Apply a moisturizing conditioner

Can you straighten remy hair?

Like how you straighten your natural hair, you can do the same to your Remy hair extension. However, you should minimize the number of times you straighten your Remy extension because it gets depleted like natural hair.

A heat protector can be an excellent option for you if you would like to prolong the useful life of your Remy hair extension. Most importantly, this precaution applies to all hair extensions. Failure to follow proper directions will lead to a quick wearing out of the extension.

When the Remy extension wears out, you will have to spend more money purchasing another extension, which you will need to care for accordingly. Meaning, you need to know the right way to care for your Remy hair extensions to minimize avoidable losses.

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